Strategic Alliance/Partnership Planning

Companies poised for growth face unusual demands in today’s rapidly changing business climate. Even the world’s best organizations are often not equipped to develop or enter markets in a timely and cost-effective manner. As such, companies form strategic alliances with other organizations, even competitors, in order to increase speed to market, enhance their organizational agility and to control costs. Altreya has been engaged to help companies define the need for and negotiate the initiation of a variety of alliances and partnerships that have allowed them to maintain and gain market share in rapidly changing marketplaces. The case study below illustrates Altreya’s success with this type of engagement.

The Challenge

Three competing technologies for retail product security have cost consumer-packaged goods manufacturers hundreds of millions of dollars each year in excess inventory costs. Improvements in the efficiency of product authentication and identification along the supply chain have been fragmented and ineffective in meeting the global needs of both retailers and manufacturers. As retailers moved toward an inventory management system which put the burden of security on manufacturers, the need for a viable solution was dire.

The Solution

Altreya’s principals worked with a small technology company in Ohio to design a multi-dimensional “Intelligent Holographic Chip” that could become a universal standard to meet the security packaging and product identification needs of the consumer products industry.

Our principals designed, developed and implemented an alliance of consumer products manufacturers (Eastman Kodak Company, Procter & Gamble Company, Johnson & Johnson and The Gillette Company) to fund the development of a universal standard for security packaging and product identification.


Our principals were retained to establish and manage a 501c-6 not-for-profit organization (Consumer Products Manufacturers Association, Inc.) that has successfully opened its membership to hundreds of major consumer products manufacturers and retailers around the world. Work to develop a universally accepted standard continues.