Our Approach

At Altreya, we believe that the basic foundation of any great company consists of a high-performing management team, an understanding of the employees, customers, competitors and shareholders, and a strategic plan that creates the shortest and most effective path to success as possible. Through our experiences with a wide variety of organizations, Altreya has developed a unique approach to client engagements:

Our Approach to Assessments

We have no preconceived ideas or pre-packaged solutions. Altreya’s consultants have a wide range of experience in operations, finance, organizations, strategy and information technology to analyze each problem fairly and objectively and determine the root cause of that problem. We constantly verify facts, confirm our understandings and validate findings with the client.

Our Approach to Recommendations

Our recommendations are formulated after a careful and detailed analysis of all the facts and circumstances. We deliver recommendations which can be implemented by our client’s team and will have an immediate and meaningful impact.

Our Approach to Implementation

We work closely with our clients to bring sound business principles to their organizations in order to achieve three often conflicting goals: control costs, improve customer service and increase shareholder satisfaction. Because our recommendations are tightly interwoven with the needs and desires of the organization, the result is a seamless transformation which delivers lasting value to the client. Due to the collaborative nature of our engagements, Altreya offers a project management and implementation support service that extends beyond the span of the engagement. Our team can be made available in person and/or via electronic- and telecommunications for guidance, support and advice to ensure success with the initiative

Our Approach to Clients

We help our clients understand their customers, their competitors and themselves. We work with our clients to develop strategies that allow them to serve their current markets and, at the same time, create new opportunities that increase top-line growth. We ensure measurable success through our hands-on collaboration with the management team throughout the course of the engagement.