IP Development and Commercialization

Universities and research institutions are often torn between their mission to advance discovery and knowledge and their need for revenue to fund operations and grow the institution. Few of these organizations have the commercial experience, expertise, proven processes and infrastructure needed to effectively derive the majority of the value created by research because internal efforts tend to be:

  • Understaffed and under-resourced
  • Uncoordinated and fragmented
  • Reactive and often driven by chance
  • Focused on mechanics of patent creation and legal protection
  • Disconnected from the needs of industry and the marketplace

Altreya works with clients to maximize the commercial potential of their IP portfolio to identify and further develop and/or commercialize significant new technologies that fill unmet market needs. The case study below illustrates Altreya’s success with this type of engagement.

The Challenge

Altreya was engaged to evaluate a set of related patents in a client’s intellectual property portfolio to determine whether they could be readily moved from an idea into a commercial opportunity, thus addressing a significant market need.

The Solution

Altreya determined that the size of the opportunity, in dollars, was significant and worth pursuing. Altreya also found that capitalizing on the opportunity was technically feasible and that the marketplace would likely accept the proposed solution. Further, Altreya found that the opportunity could be developed and captured in a reasonable timeframe.


Our client invested in further protecting the intellectual property and developing a commercialization plan that would generate substantial revenues.