External Sales and Marketing

Industry Challenge

Vertically integrated companies have, for the sake of efficiency, focused their manufacturing efforts on achieving maximum quality at the lowest possible cost for each of the components that go into their final product. As market demands change, some companies find their manufacturing facilities operating below optimal capacity often resulting in increased variable and overhead costs.

Companies facing this challenge may have a significant opportunity to leverage their excess capacity by finding external customers who will view their component manufacturing capabilities as an attractive sourcing choice for their business. The challenge, however, lies in effectively promoting and selling their capacity and capabilities.

By their nature, vertically integrated manufacturers focus exclusively on meeting the needs of their internal customers. Accordingly, these manufacturing organizations lack access to the expertise, processes, infrastructure and personnel necessary to sell their products and services externally to other companies. Further, these operations do not have the bandwidth to focus on external sales while at the same time still meeting the needs of their internal customers. Product Offering Altreya Consulting, LLC can help vertically integrated manufacturers create and implement a sales and marketing function within their component manufacturing divisions. This enables the manufacturing divisions and the company, as a whole, to quickly:

  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Maximize capacity utilization
  • Increase overhead absorption

By using Altreya’s imbedded business development services, clients are able to quickly and cost effectively:

  • Establish an externally-focused business-to-business sales and marketing function
  • Create and implement an aggressive marketing and sales plan
  • Create brand presence and awareness among external customer targets
  • Generate significant incremental revenue
  • Mitigate the execution risk of building an external sales and marketing function
  • Lower start-up cost

Altreya Consulting is able to deliver imbedded business development services because:

  • We are a proven team of sales and marketing professionals experienced in creating and developing new business development opportunities and meeting measurable sales goals
  • We have experience transforming internally focused organizations into externally focused customer driven organizations
  • We create a virtual imbedded marketing and sales function in order to think and act as an extension of our clients’ organizations
  • We use technology to seamlessly integrate with our client’s goals and processes.