Employee Satisfaction Assessment

Having motivated and satisfied employees is a necessity for success in every organization. Without it, an organization risks alienating customers and suppliers and increasing the risk of failure. Altreya has been engaged by a number of clients to assess employee satisfaction on an annual basis. The data collected and analyzed has been transformed into actionable information, which has allowed our clients to carefully develop new strategies to improve employee satisfaction. As a result, revenues have improved and costs have been reduced. The case study below illustrates Altreya’s success with this type of engagement.

The Challenge

As the premiere service provider in its industry, a provider of raw materials for the printing and publishing industry sought to dramatically increase its return on capital employed. Altreya was engaged to lead an effort which would identify and address critical customer, employee, shareholder and operational barriers to success.

The Solution

In order to quickly isolate and prioritize the key barriers, Altreya began by focusing on the employee. Our principals teamed with the client to conduct an Employee Satisfaction Assessment, to identify the vital few drivers of employee disloyalty. In addition, an operational excellence audit (based upon The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria) was conducted to identify the specific operational areas requiring improvement. Once the barriers were isolated and prioritized, small, cross-functional teams were empowered to develop plans to overcome these issues. As a result of several team initiatives, the organization simplified its mission-critical processes and eliminated wasteful activities.


Not only did Altreya jumpstart this client’s change effort, but the way in which it was implemented showed this organization that a high performance management model was required to continuously achieve its goals. As a result, the firm was able to accelerate profit growth while its revenues doubled over a two-year period.