About Us

Founded in 1994, Altreya specializes in the design and implementation of organization transformation initiatives for businesses.

The name Altreya was derived from the Spanish verb “ultreya,” meaning “go beyond!” or “keep going!” This cry of encouragement is frequently heard in Northern Spain, where adventurers take on the daunting task of hiking 500 miles across the country. Year after year, trekkers traverse Spain in search of adventure and self-enlightenment.

Such a journey allows trekkers to broaden their perspectives beyond a day-to-day scope. The hikers may be faced with decisions that challenge their everyday notions of what can and can’t be done; what will or will not work. In addition to a tired pair of hiking boots, participants are left with a heightened sense of creativity, flexibility, and adaptability at the end of the trek.

At Altreya, we create an environment for our clients that is not dissimilar. During the course of our engagements, management teams and front-line workers alike undergo a dramatic transformation – with monumental outcomes improvement as the primary objective.

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